Zorin Mirror Live!

Other Oct 9, 2021

We now operate an Official Zorin Linux ISO Mirror!

It has been running for over a week now and together with Manjaro, our mirror delivers 1TB per day at peak!

Hostworld.uk kindly donated us the VPS so we can provide this mirroring service, so go and check them out!

What is Zorin OS?

Zorin is a Linux operating system that is based on Ubuntu LTS. It is aimed at new Linux users and looks glorious straight out the box.

Zorin OS 16 Default Desktop

Here are some mirror stats:

  • Syncs every hour
  • 1Gbps
  • IPv4 & IPv6
  • HTTPS only - TLS 1.1/2
  • Currently 99.996% uptime
  • 3 DNS providers - High Availability
  • UK Based Server

View more at https://mirror.cyberhost.uk



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