Exploring the avenue of self-hosted services which can be completed on a low-cost Raspberry Pi. Our goal is to make informative, easy to follow posts and guides.

Our ethos

  • Ethical 😎
  • Privacy Centric 🥸 (No cookies, tracking or other shady stuff!)
  • Super Speedy ⚡
  • No pop-ups 🚫
  • No ads 🚫
  • No third party resources 🚫 (eg Fonts, Images or JS CDN's)
  • Highest level of security 🔒 - A*:SSL LABS A:Security Headers

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To get an insight of how popular CyberHost is, Umami is being used. This is a self-hosted and privacy friendly alternative to Google Analytics. Where no identifiable data is logged.

Hosting info

This site is hosted on a Hetzner CX11 VPS (Ref).

Located in Nuremberg, Germany 🇩🇪

Powered by 100% Green Hydropower Energy - More Info

DNS Providers:
Main: 1984 Hosting
Secondary: Hurricane Electric

Uptime Stats

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