Deploying a RIPE Atlas Software Node

Self-Hosting Dec 13, 2023

The RIPE Atlas project is a global network of probes used to measure internet connectivity. At the time of writing there are 12868 probes online, sitting on 3792 ASNs (Networks) in 177 countries. This provides a great understanding of the state of the internet in real time, and the best thing is at this is a public project with the data produced being freely available.

If you're unsure who RIPE are, they the non-profit that assign IPv4, IPv6 and ASN numbers for the Europe region.

View measurments:

Map of online probes - 7th December 2023

Running your own probe used to require custom hardware from RIPE, there have been a few different versions over the years. The most common was a repurposed TP-Link router.

You can request a hardware node here:, however these are in limited supply. Running a software probe is an easier alternative especially if you're not sure about running one long term.

This is a dead easy setup using docker thanks to James Swineson. His docker compose is on GitHub:

This is my slightly modified version:

version: '3.1'
    image: jamesits/ripe-atlas:latest
    restart: always
      RXTXRPT: "yes"
      - atlas-probe/etc:/var/atlas-probe/etc
      - atlas-probe/status:/var/atlas-probe/status
      - ALL
      - CHOWN
      - SETUID
      - SETGID
      - NET_RAW
    mem_limit: "64000000000"
    mem_reservation: 64m

Save it in a docker-compose.yml file and then run with sudo docker compose up -d.

This will create a set of keys within the etc directory. Copy the contents of the and use within the apply form:

If you're unsure of you're ASN number you can run curl

That's it once the form it submit you should get an email with your probe ID, you should receive around 21,600 every 24 hours. I had to wait a full 24 hours before receiving any.

After your credits come in you'll then be able to run measurements via the measurements form:

Create Measurement Form

Now it's time to sit back and grab a coffee as the credits role in and the internet is made better!