Force Chromecast and Google Home to use Pi-hole on pfSense

Networking Oct 22, 2020

What we'll do:

  • Forward all DNS requests to Pi-Hole
  • Also known as DNS Hijacking

Even when setting your DNS servers within DHCP, Google IoT devices such as the Chromecast will use anyway.

Lets get this under control and forward them to your Pi-hole instead!


  1. Head to Firewall -> NAT -> Port Forward -> Add
Screenshot of pfsense
  1. Select the Interface LAN
  2. Protocol TCP/UDP
  3. Invert Match
  4. Select LAN Address
  5. Destination Port Range - DNS(53)
  6. Redirect target IP - PI Hole IP (Probably 192.168.x.x)
  7. Redirect target port - DNS(53)
Screenshot of pfSense Port Forward
  1. Now run:
    Linux dig @
    Windows nslookup

You should now see logged in your Pi-hole!

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