Malware Domain DNS Blocklist

Security Mar 6, 2024

This post marks the release of the CyberHost Malware and Phishing blocklist.

This is being put together by collecting domains published in public threat intelligence reporting, Infosec Twitter/Mastodon groups and your contributions below.

Please use the following URL:

The aim here is not to create a massive list but to put together a concise collection of malicious domains that have been verified to be utilised in malicious activity.

For transparency each domain listed contains the original source of the intelligence and the date it was added. Therefore please only utilise domains on lines that don't start with a #.

We will try our best to verify the domains added to prevent any false positives however no guarantee can be made. Cyber criminals are known to compromise sites so false positives are inevitable. If you do come across one please use the form below.

The blocklist has been tested with Adguard Home, Pi-hole and pfBlockerNG (pfSense).

License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Blocklist Details (Live)

Blocklist Contact Form