Plausible Analytics 3 month Review

Self-Hosting Mar 22, 2021

It's been 3 months since the article was published on how to self-host Plausible. While creating the post we moved our analytics solution over to Plausible, since then we've amassed a total of 7.7k pageviews, so here's a little review 3 months on.

The original reason I was drawn to Plausible over another Open-Source Analytics solution was how clean the User Interface is. It's modern and includes all the necessary information you want to see, without being overkill and intruding on the privacy of your visitors. Plausible Screenshot - Live Demo (

Over the last three months, Plausible has been running on a small VPS (1 vCPU and 1GB RAM) without any issues. When monitoring the recourses it appears to be peaking at 350MB RAM and 20% CPU. I feel that this is fairly reasonable, maybe a little high on the RAM.

Plausible Docker Stats View

Currently my biggest issue with Plausible is the vast amount of storage required. For some crazy reason, 1MB of event data is stored per pageview. This is a little absurd and hard to understand considering that only a small amount of data is collected. The instance is currently sitting at 4.1k Unique Visitors and 7.7k Pageviews, but it's using a whopping 7.6GB of storage for all of those events.

To futureproof a little and to keep costs low, I have started looking for alternatives that can offer a similar experience without requiring this much storage.

Plausible Storage Breakdown

Overall I'm a big supporter of the Plausible Project. They really are making a dent into the Google Analytics nightmare, while being privacy-centric, open-source and ultra-transparent.

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Plausible Self-Hosted: CyberHost Guide - Official Docs
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