S3 Compatbile Object Storage Comparison

Cloud Mar 21, 2024

I spent too long hunting around for an alternative to AWS S3 storage to find the cheapest price for my needs.

Provider Per GB Storage Per GB Transfer Per Mil GET/SELECT reqests Free Storage Free Transfer
AWS $0.024 $0.07 $0.35 5GB 100GB
Google Cloud $0.023 $0.12 $1.00 5GB 100GB
Microsoft Azure $0.019 $0.087 $0.60 5GB 100GB
Scaleway €0.012 €0.01 Free - 75GB
Cloudflare $0.015 Free £0.30 10GB Unlimited
Backblaze $0.006 $0.01 $0.40 10GB 3x stored
Wasabi* $0.0068 N/A Free - 1x stored
Ionos $0.018 $0.036 Free - -
Vultr* $0.006 $0.01 Free - 3000GB
DigitalOcean* $0.02 $0.01 Free - 1000GB
Linode* $0.02 $0.005 Free - 1000GB
Contabo* $2.99/250GB Free Free - Unlimited

* Requires minimum monthly payment

What's the best

This is just my personal opinion based on experience and feedback from others:

Fast: Scaleway
High Transfer: Cloudflare - Followed by Vultr and Contabo
High Storage: Backblaze or Vultr - However Glacier storage could be a better option

Have other thoughts? Drop a comment below

Google Cloud

Free Tier:

  • Limit to buckets in us-east1, us-west1, and us-central1 regions only
  • 5 GB of regional storage (US regions only) per month
  • 5,000 Class A Operations per month
  • 50,000 Class B Operations per month
  • 100 GB of outbound data transfer from North America to all region destinations (excluding China and Australia) per month


R2 currently does not support all S3 API Endpoints

To use a custom domain you must use Cloudflare NameServers


I've heard some people complaining about slow access speeds and the fact it does not fully support all S3 API endpoints.


I've personally not used Wasabi, but have seen a few people complaining about them. This was down to their slow speeds and lack of transparency around 'Zero Egress Fees'.

Egress is free but you break their fair usage if you transfer more than you have stored. So if you pay for a 1TB of storage you can only transfer out 1TB.

Wasabi have a minimum spend of $6 per month, getting you a 1TB of storage.


Although the egrees fees at $0.03 are on the high end, internal transfer to an VM within the same region is not charged. So you could utilises a £1/$1 Ionos VPS as a proxy to skip these egress fees.

We made a post on reviewing the £1 Ionos VPS here: https://cyberhost.uk/ionos-1-vps-review/


Requires initial $5 bundle: 250GB Storage + 1TB Transfer

All Vultr accounts start with 2TB of bandwidth without any services. Add the 1TB that comes with the object storage plan gives you 3TB transfer.


Requires initial $5 bundle: 250GB Storage + 1TB Transfer


Requires initial $5 bundle: 250GB Storage + 1TB Transfer


Requires storage to be purchased in blocks starting from 250GB costing $2.99 / £3.35 bundle

250 GB - $2.99

500 GB - $5.98

1 TB - $11.96