Monitoring Caddy with Grafana

Caddy Jan 28, 2021

What will we be doing?

We will be setting up Grafana to Analyse Caddy logs and provide us with some informative graphs.

This is just covering a basic installation and should take no longer than 5 Minutes!

There is lots of room to extend beyond this and create some sexy graphs from your Caddy Metrics.

Grafana's Default Caddy Dashboard


  1. Setup a Self-Hosted Grafana Instance or use Grafana Cloud there is a generous free tier.
  2. Select the Caddy Integration (Under the Lightning Bold Menu)
  3. Follow the on-screen install instructions.
    You may need to install unzip: sudo apt install unzip
  1. Test that Caddy Metrics is enabled
    curl http://localhost:2019/metrics
    You should see a log file outputted. If not, enable it!


It's as simple as that and Grafana has even generated a Dashboard for us!

Take a look at Caddy Metric Docs and then create your own panels!

Email any screenshots/queries of your sexy panels and I'll add them in below, for the benefit of others 🙂

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